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مكتب تام الهندسي | TAMARCH
مكتب تام الهندسي | TAMARCH

About The Office

Today, the clear vision of architecture has become an urgent need, at TAM we have taken the responisbility to extened this vision from the past and extended to the future, our passion for creating a new concept of architecture goes beyond the formation to the form of constructing a broad culture that puts this craft on the path of a renewed future.


About The Founder

TAMARCH team of specialist architects and interior designers who offer you a wide variety of inspiration as well as the highest quality designs. We are experienced in working across all kind of design styles and with all types of property, but what really sets us apart is that we will encourage you to get involved with the design process. In this way, you can be sure your design is not only just right, both for your needs and personal taste, but you’ll have great fun too.


Architectural Design

Designing architectural plans & elevations, construction, electricity, plumbing drawings

Interior Design

Interior design including furnishing, lighting and interior decoration

Plans Analysis

Analysis and criticism of architectural plans for residential villas, with an appropriate design model

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